To assist merchants in planning their use of the Kitchen Display app, we're sharing features that we're recently released. Most Android devices will update the Google Play Store mobile apps, as long as the Google Account remains connected on the Android device. 

To check what version Kitchen Display is currently on, visit the Google Play Store.

April, 2018

  • Integration with our Online Order application. When an Online Order is "Done" from the Kitchen Display device, an SMS or Email will be sent to the customer advising them their order is ready for pickup or is being delivered. 
    • This feature has been integrated and released as of Oct, 2018

July, 2018

  • Client Server Mode. Kitchen Display Client (Android device) is told by Kitchen Display Server (Clover device) when to Poll the Clover Cloud for new orders. As opposed to polling the Clover Cloud every cycle, regardless if their orders or not.  his process helps future Clover API Limited outages. 
    • This feature has been released. Not active with any current merchants. 

Jan, 2019

  • No Scroll (FSR Plan). When an Order is to large to fit into 1 cell, the kitchen staff has to scroll within that cell to see all of the Order. With the No Scroll feature, the Items that do not fit into 1 cell, will auto-populate the next cell over, eliminating the need to scroll.
    • This feature has been released as of Dec, 2018

Mar, 2019

  • Color coded categories (FSR Plan) . The ability to color code Items by their Category.
    • This feature has been released as of Mar, 2019.