While the Online Order app loads your full Inventory, you will likely need to make some adjustments.  eg. some items are not intended for online sale such as alcohol.  

  • Hide Items: You may have items that should only be available in-store.  Click on the "Hide" checkbox to set a label that will hide the item from being displayed online.  If all the items in a category are hidden, then the category will be hidden as well.
  • Promote Items: Highlight items under a "Popular" category by marking items with the "Popular" checkbox.

  • Add Descriptions and Warning: You can add a description of the item that can include ingredients to better inform your customer what the item contains.


  • Add Pictures on the Description: You can add a picture of the item and make it visible for customers online by following the steps below:
  1. Open your Clover Web Dashboard and launch your Online Order app. 
  2. Select "Description / Warning" under the Menu Setting option



    3. Select the Category Group of the menu item you wish to add the photo on. Upload the photo by clicking on the "Select File"                 button. 




Once the photo is uploaded successfully, it will be displayed on the Online Order webpage as shown below: 


NOTE: If the pictures uploaded does not fit the frame properly, you may resize the picture HERE

  • Update Modifier Settings. Provide you customers with easier to understand modifier choices. Instead of asking for "Dressing" you can add a label like "What choice of dressing?"


  • Rename Items: Some items may have abbreviations that are not obvious to consumers. Consider renaming these items or creating new items with the full name of the item.

  • Re-structure items: In general, the use of modifiers to price items is discouraged when using the item for online ordering. g. 12” pizza should be implemented as a 12” pizza item rather than as a “Pizza” with a modifier for “12 size”.

  • Bulk Uploads: If you are changing many items (>30), we encourage you to use the Import/Export function so that you can copy and paste values easily in Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet. This is accessed through the Inventory app (separate app). Learn more about the export/import function.