v1.1.9 (7/4/14)

  • Indicator for total number of items in-progress and items completed.
  • Item modifiers are displayed on the Kitchen Display in the same order as the Clover Station.
  • Option to display only orders that are paid vs orders that are in-progress of being ordered.

v1.1.15 (8/12/14)

  • Support for a physical keyboard so that the tablet display does not need to be touched.
  • Polling frequency setting added to increase the speed that orders are displayed on the tablet
  • Offline alert that changes the menu bar to red when clover.com is not reachable

v1.1.27 (10/27/14)

  • Support for maximum order age to limit the orders being displayed on the tablet.  High-volume restaurants need to set this lower so that the app performs well and is responsive.
  • Support for full-service restaurants via the Restaurant->Service type setting for Quick-service and Full-service restaurant.  (More details coming)
  • Station type to filter items based on the "Hot" or "Cold" label.  Known issue for restaurants with more than 100 items with a fix in development for this issue.

v1.1.31 (11/31/14)

  • Sort orders by either the time the order was placed (created time) or the last time the order was changed (modified time).  Some restaurants will prefer ticket ordering by either the time the order was created or the last time an item was added to the order.
v1.2.5 (3/10/14)
  • Support for the Tables app to add items iteratively and allow kitchen preparation staff to clear item and wait staff to add new items without causing all items to re-appear.