If you're getting this page it's because you're using an android device that has Android 5.0 or higher. Clover has verified this is an issue with their website and is working to resolve it soon. Article Link


For the time being you can log in with your Merchant ID &  API Token.

1.To get this information go to : http://tiny.cc/kdtoken it will take you to the screenshot below. 

2.Login with your Clover username and password.

3.After logging in, you be taken to the page below.

4. Take the follow information from the web address in the address bar. (Information needed will be RED).

5.Go to the Kitchen Display app and enter the Merchant ID and API Token. 

Once done you will receive the  "Link to Clover POS Successful"  confirmation message.

*Note:[1] You may be asked to select a store if you have multiple stores that use the same email address.

[2]If you have not installed Kitchen Display you will be redirected to the Clover App Market to install the Kitchen Display App.