Streamline the orders in your store by routing items within an order to a specific station.  For example, you can route hot foods to a "Hot" station and cold foods to a "Cold" station.

Setting up custom items on separate Kitchen Display monitors is a two step process.  Labeling your Items and then setting up the Kitchen Display app to display specific labels.

Labeling Hot and Cold items.


1. From  your Clover Web dashboard, open the Inventory app.  The Kitchen Display comes pre-populated with Labels. 

You have to use one or more of the following Labels for the Kitchen Display to recognize it: Hot, Cold, Station1, Station2, Station3, Station4, Station5, Station6, Station7, Station8, Station9, Station10). Keep in mind that it is case sensitive. 

2. Click on the Labels tab

3. Click on Add New Label

4. Enter one of the labels mentioned in step 1, as the Name. Click on Save. Keep in mind that the labels are Case sensitive. 

5. In the same Inventory app, click on the Items tab.  In the Filter By, select the Category that you will apply the newly created Label to.  Select the Items you wish to apply the Label too, or click on Select All.

6. Click on the drop down arrow for Labels, and select the newly created Label. Click on Apply. 

You have now successfully added the Label to your Items. 

Set your Kitchen Display Tablet to display HOT or COLD Items

1. On your Android device, open the Kitchen Display app

2.  Tap the Menu icon, the 3 buttons on the top right.

3. Tap Settings

4. Tap the Restaurant settings

5.Tap the Item labels visible on this station setting. Choose the Label you wish to display on this display. 

You have successfully setup your Kitchen Display to filter Items with a Label