Getting Started with the Kitchen Display

You will need the following with which to setup the Kitchen Display app
  • Internet Connectivity: Verify the location where you’ll be mounting the display has a reliable WiFi Internet capability or is hardwired to your router. 


Download and Install the Kitchen Display app

1. On your Android device, open the Google Play Store App and Search for (Kitchen Display for Clover). 


2. Tap on the Kitchen Display for Clover icon. 


3. Tap the INSTALL button. 


4. Tap the ACCEPT button and the installation will begin.


Linking Kitchen Display to Clover 

1. Open Kitchen Display App from the Android Dashboard.

2. Click the MENU button & then Click SETTINGS.

3. Click LINK TO CLOVER and sign in with your username and password.


Tips for Mounting the Display

Depending on your restaurant’s layout, you can mount the tablet on a wall or from a shelf.   We recommend that you mount the display at eye-level and within arm's reach of your food preparation staff.  In addition, you will need to consider access to a power outlet so that the tablet's power supply cable can reach the tablet as well. Recommended tablet mounts available on the Tips on Mounting the Table for Ease of Use Solutions page.  

Customizing the Display

Depending on your restaurant’s order volume, you can customize the display to best suit your needs.

  • If you have frequent, small orders, display 8 orders at a time. Go to Settings->Display->Maximum orders to display at one time. Select “Eight (8) Orders”.
  • If you have larger orders, display 4 orders at a time with more screen space to display the full order. Go to Settings->Display->Maximum orders to display at one time. Select “Four (4) Orders”.
  • If delivering orders quickly is important, you can alert your staff when an order is behind schedule by setting the “Order late threshold”. Go to Settings->Display->Order late threshold and select the amount of time desired before the order timer changes to red indicating it is behind schedule. Note: the order timer starts when the cashier begins the order.
  • If you want to play a sound when new orders come in.  Go to Settings->Display->New order sound.  Select the sound that works best for your store.  Make sure the volume is set appropriately so you can hear the sound as well.

How to Get Help

If you need help at any time, go to our Support & FAQ site to find answers to common questions and video tutorials.   You can also contact the Support Team at Our help desk is available to take calls form 6 am til 6 pm PST at 650-681-0400.