Online Order Install and Set-Up Guide



Keep your customers digitally connected to your store wherever they are.  From their smartphone or computer web browser, your customers can order from an up-to-date menu and product listing.  Your customers will love using this app to streamline how they order from your business.

  • Order from anywhere – iPhone, Android phone or computer web browser
  • Order updates so that they’ll know when the order was accepted and ready to be picked up
  • Get paid right into the same merchant account as your Clover Station.

Some of your ordering option include the following

  • Offer store pickup, delivery or both!
  • Pay online right into your store's merchant account (not a separate account).
  • Receive orders right in your Clover Station.
  • Track online order status to make sure you never miss an order.

Watch the following video demo of how customers order and how your Clover Station will receive the online order.

Compared to existing online ordering solutions, the Online Order app is fully integrated with your Clover Stations so that you can manage your business and customers all from one system. Here’s what you don’t need to do anymore.

  • No more re-keying of products or menu items.
  • No more double entry of orders from a fax or email into your POS.
  • Accept all your payments in one account without reconciling multiple accounts.

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As long as you are an active Clover merchant, you can be ready to accept online orders in minutes – whether or not you have a website or not.  We’ll create a website just for your store that you can share with your customers. 

STEP 1: Install the App from Your Clover Home Web Dashboard 

  • Log into the your Clover Home Web Dashboard.   Installing from the App Market on your Clover device is not recommended.
  • Click on the "App Market".  Find the Online Order app or enter "Online Order" and search for the app.  See an example of the app below.
  • Click on "Install".

STEP 2: Store Settings 
Change your settings so that your online store is customized to the way your business operates.  You can watch the video demo below to see how your online store can be customized.

The key settings and what they impact are described below:

  • Store Site Name: What would you like your site name to be? We’ve provided a suggestion though you can change it as long as another store is not using it.  We’d recommend something easy to remember and share with your customers.
  • Store Name: This is name used to describe the store and is displayed on the front page (menu) and confirmation page.
  • Announcement: Custom message to provide specific instructions to their customers.
  • Publish Status: When set to "Publish, the store will be displayed in the store directory.  Otherwise, the store is available for access through the Store Site Name,but will not be displayed in a Store Search.
  • Accept Orders: If set to "Yes"then, the store will accept orders.  If set to "No", then users will be re-directed to the Store Search.  Do not use this setting to limit orders during off-hours.  Instead, use the Pick-Up and Delivery Hours to automate when orders are accepted.
  • Order Types: Do you offer store pick-up or delivery of orders?
  • Delivery Order Options: What kind of extra charges or order minimums do you have for delivering orders?
    • Set Delivery Boundaries:  You have the option to set your delivery boundary and the delivery fee based on the following:
      • Distance from Store (Radius):  Based on driving distance from the store.
      • Geocoded Zones (Zone): Based on a enclosed polygon that you draw on a map.  The zones can overlap though the app will select the least expensive delivery fee if a specific address corresponds to more than one zone.
  • Pick-Up Order Options:  What are the order preparation time you'd like to provide your customers?  You can also set any additional convenience fees for pickup orders.  Learn more.
  • Pick-Up Hours: Set your "Business Hours" in the Clover Setup app to automatically open and close your online store for pick-up orders.
  • Delivery Hours: Set your "Delivery Hours" in the Online Order Merchant Dashboard to set the schedule for when delivery order are taken.

STEP 3: Setup Order Notification

You have multiple options for receiving orders alerts. 

  • On any of your Clover devices.  See the instructions below.
  • On up to 3 mobile phones via text messaging.  Learn more how to set this up.

Download and Install the Online Order Alert app on your Clover Station.   

This will enable you and your staff to be alerted whenever new online orders are submitted.

  • Go to App Market on the Clover Station
  • Click on Download.
  • Open the Online Order Alert app
  • Turn notifications on by setting "Enable order alerts" to "On"
  • (Recommended) Turn full-screen notifications on by setting "Full-Screen Notification" to "On"

STEP 4: Preview your new online website by visiting the Store Site Name Link

It will look like   Try submitting a test order and see the order show-up in the Orders app on your Clover Station by doing the following.

  • Use a browser and visit the "Site URL".  From the menu displayed, you can select a category and item

  • Select the desired modifiers and add it to the cart.
  • Tap on Checkout and select “Pick-Up” or “Delivery”.
  • Enter Phone Number and, if necessary for delivery, an address for delivery.
  • Pay with a credit card
  • Confirm purchase.  Only credit cards are supported at this type.  Gift cards are not accepted yet.  If this is of interest to you, please contact us at
  • After completing an order, the Clover Station with the Online Order Alert app installed should display an alert.
  • From the Orders app, you can also see which orders have been processed in the store by either printing the order or accepted by a Kitchen Display. Only the order types submitted online will have this label.
  • Customer information like phone number and delivery address are stored so you can track what your best customers like to order - all from the Customers app.

STEP 5: Customize the Look and Feel

Update the branding of the online store by adding your store logo and changing the accent colors.  An example of an actual store is displayed below.

View a step-by-step guide that shows you how to

  • Change the store logo.
  • Change the store background.
  • Adjust the accept colors.

STEP 6: Customize Your Menu
Update your item and modifier descriptions for the best online presentation.  It’s likely that your store’s Inventory needs to be adjusted so that it is easily understood by consumers.  Here are some of the typical adjustments you can make in the Inventory app (separate app)

  • Hide Items: You may have items that should only be available in-store.  Click on the "Hide" check box to set a label that will hide the item from being displayed online.  If all the items in a category are hidden, then the category will be hidden as well.
  • Promote Items: Highlight items under a "Popular" category by marking items with the "Popular" check box.

  • Add Descriptions and Warning: You can add a description of the item that can include ingredients to better inform your customer what the item contains.

  • Update Modifier Settings.  Provide you customers with easier to understand modifier choices.   Instead of asking for "Dressing" you can add a label like "What choice of dressing?"

  • Rename Items: Some items may have abbreviations that are not obvious to consumers. Consider renaming these items or creating new items with the full name of the item. This will need to be done in the Inventory app
  • Re-structure items: In general, the use of modifiers to price items is discouraged when using the item for online ordering. g. 12” pizza should be implemented as a 12” pizza item rather than as a “Pizza” with a modifier for “12 size”.
  • Bulk Uploads: If you are changing many items (>30), we encourage you to use the Import/Export function so that you can copy and paste values easily in Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet.  This is accessed through the Inventory app (separate app).  Learn more about the export/import function.

STEP 6: Promote your online store. 

Get orders by sharing your link in the following ways:

  • Post your Online Store link on the following online directories.
    • Yelp: How to claim your business and add a store menu.
    • Google: Create or claim your business and add your online store link
  • Post the link on your store’s website.
  • Embed the Online Order app on your website.  (NOT RECOMMENDED)

How to Get Help

If you need help at any time, go to our Support & FAQ site to find answers to common questions and video tutorials.    You can also contact the Support Team at or 1-888-573-1273. We will respond within one (1) business day.

1-1 INSTALL APPOINTMENTS:  To get a fast-start, we offer a 1 hr fast-start to get your store installed, customized and your online marketing program running.  Book your appointment today.