Discounts and coupons are a great way to motivate a customer to visit your restaurant and/or try using your Online Order.  Here are a few examples of marketing approaches in which you can use discounts to grow your business:

  • Get New Customers: You can run an online advertising campaign to target local customers to visit your restaurant.
  • Promote 1st Time Use: Let your in-store customers know that they get a discount for trying the Online Order app and enjoying the ease-of-use.
  • Promote New Items: Send an email or text message with a discount link for new items that you are trying to promote.
  • Re-engage Past Customers: It can be useful to remind past customers to come and try your store again if it's been a while.

To create a discount with a coupon code: 

  • Login to your Clover Web dashboard

  • Open the app

  • Click on Discount

  • Go to the Create Discount box.

  • Enter a Discount "Name"
    Use a name that describes the amount, type or audience of the coupon.  This name will be visible to the customer on the receipt. Example: 20 Percent Off for New Customers

  • Enter a coupon "Code"
    This is the code your customers will enter at the checkout page to apply the discount

  • Set Discount Type

    • Order: All items in the customers' order qualify for the discount

    • Item: Select Items for which the discount can be applied to

      • Click on "Select Items"

        • A list of your Clover Inventory Items appears. Select the items for which the discount can be applied to and click on "Set Items"

  • Set a Start Date

    • Immediately

    • Scheduled: set a start date and time

  • Set an End Date

    • Never ending

    • Scheduled

      • Set an end date and time

  • Set a Max Redemption

    • This determines how many overall times the discount code can be used

  • Set Order Type

  • Set Discount Type

    • Percentage

      • Enter a % amount in the "Discount Amount" field

        • You can also set a Maximum discount amount "Max. discount". It limits the discount to a maximum amount.  e.g. 10% off on $150 order would normally be $15 off, but can be limited to $10

    • Fixed

      • Enter a $ amount in the "Discount Amount" field

  • Set User Type

    • "First User" is for 1st-time customer

    • "Any User" is for 1st time customer or repeat customers

  • Set How Many Times Can a Customer Use This Coupon

    • Defines how many times the coupon can be used by one customer

      • "Once"  A given customer can only use this discount once.  Customer profiles are identified based on their phone number

      • "Multiple Times", no limit to how many times a customer can use the discount

  • Set Min. sub-total amount

    • Discount is not applied unless order sub-total exceeds entered amount


Tracking the number of times a discount has been used is visible in the Online Order dashboard. Access the discount in question from the "Discount List" and view the # of times it has been used.

Create a Discount Link

If your discount is setup for "All Order Types" and "Any User", then you can create a Discount Link. This discount link creates a URL (web address). Customers can access the URL and have the discount auto-applied to their order, assuming the order meets all of the discount parameters. 

To create a discount link:

  • Login to your Clover Web dashboard

  • Open the Online Order app

  • Click on Discount

  • Locate the appropriate Discount

    • Click on Create Link

  • Click on Create Link
    • Manually copy the URL or click on the blue "Copy" button

You can use this URL to direct customers to your Orderspoon store with the discount code auto applied. 

An even faster method to direct customers to a URL is to create a QR code. 

There are lots of free QR code generators available on the web. A QR code generator creates a QR image for a specific URL. When this QR image is scanned by a mobile device, it will direct the customer to that specific URL. 

This website offers free QR codes with no ads embedded into it.

4 Leaf Labs is in no way associated with them. Feel free to use any site, we just want to provide 1 example.

Discounts when customers use Pay Later 

There is a situation where the discount will not be reflected directly on the Clover POS. This is when the customer chooses to Pay Later

In Clover, the discounts are included in the payments, but since there is no payment processed in the Pay later, the discount will be visible from the customers' end in the Checkout page and in the Order Confirmation but it will not be visible from the merchant's end in the Clover system. 

When a customer uses a discount and Pay Later, the discount will be performed manually at the time of the transaction in the Clover device.