Set up payment receipt appearance

Customize what and how information appears on your payment receipt.

To enable payment receipt options to print:

  1. On a web browser, log in to the Web Dashboard.

  2. Click Setup.

  3. Click Payment Receipts.

  4. Select the options you want to display on payment receipts:

    • Custom header and custom footer text
      Enter text in the custom header and footer text fields to communicate with your customers. Text can include advertising specials, sharing your store’s Wi-Fi password, or even a survey or customer feedback URL.
    • Show a logo on payment receipts
      Select this option to print your business logo or custom image on your payment receipts. Logos and images can only be uploaded on the Web Dashboard.
    • Group items by guest
      Select this option to group payment items by guests.
    • Order note
      Select this option to print order notes on payment receipts. When you add a note, an alert will tell you if the note will be printed on the payment receipt, the order receipt, or both. Printed notes are visible to customers. To print the following payment receipt features, select the item.
    • Cashier name on customer receipt
      Select this option to print the cashier’s name on the payment receipt. This information is helpful if customers have questions about a transaction and you need to know which cashier helped them.
    • Line items
      Select this option to print item information. Although custom modifiers are always printed on order receipts, you also have the option to print them on payment receipts for customers to see what was included in their order. Select either: Show all modifiersShow only priced modifiers, or Don't show modifiers. Select Modifier group names to print modifiers.
    • Online receipt URL
      Select this option to print your business URL on emailed and printed receipts. Customers can click on the link on emailed receipts to go to your website. Your URL needs to have http:// or https:// in it.
    • Barcode
      Select this option to print barcodes on Web and printed payment receipts. Barcodes save time when looking up order information.
    • Customer information
      Select this option to print customer information on payment receipts to aid in delivery and shipping of orders. Customer information is added in the Customer's app. Settings in certain third-party apps can override a Clover app setting. If customer information is being printed on payment receipts, even if you disabled them, check your third-party apps to see if an override is happening.
    • Spaces below Clover Mini receipt
      The Mini printer prints top down. Select this option to add more spaces to the bottom of the Mini printed receipt to prevent information from being lost when tearing off the receipt.
  5. Tap Save.