Through your Orderspoon Merchant Dashboard you are able to determine what order/sequence the Modifier Group for an Item are presented to your customers. You do not have to use Alpha-Numeric sequence. 

You are also able to add an Alternate Name for a Modifier Group. For instance your Modifier Group maybe called "Add Ext" in your Square POS. You could add an Alternate Name and call it "Add Extra Toppings" at Orderspoon. This is a more descriptive Modifier Group, that does NOT effect what you have on your Square POS. 

To Customise your Items:

  • Login to your Square POS
  • Access your Orderspoon dashboard 
  • Under Menu
    1. Click on Modifier Groups
    2. Select appropriate Modifier Group
    3. Show, when enabled(green), the Modifier Group will be active in your Orderspoon site
    4. Sort Order, determines what sequence that Modifier Group is presented
      • All Modifier Groups begin at 0
      • Modifier Groups that are "Required" will be presented first
    5. Alternate Name, add a more descriptive name