Merchants with a Google Tag ID can use it with their Orderspoon site.  It gives you the ability to add and update your own tags for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more. 

For more info checkout some of these links:

Here's some general information into setting up this process:

  • First create a free Google Analytics account that is linked to the website you wish to track data from, in this case your Orderspoon site
  • Create a free Google Tag Manager account
    • Create a Tag within the Google Tag Manager account that links to your Google Analytics account
      • You will need your Google Tracking ID that is similar to: UA-166140941-3
    • Create a Firing Trigger for the that Google Tag
    • Publish the Google Tag Manager Container
  • Add your Google Tag ID to the Orderspoon site

To add a Google Tag ID:

  • Login to your Square POS:
  • Access your Orderspoon dashboard 
  • Click on Settings
  • Insert the Google Tag ID
  • Your Google Tag ID should look something like this: ABC-NZ16GLH