Store URL

Customers access the Online Order app via a URL such as The "orderspoondemostore" part of the URL can be customised for each store. 

To edit the Store URL:

  • Login to your Square POS
  • Access your Orderspoon dashboard 
  • Click on Settings
  • In the Slug field, type in your unique store name
  • Click on Update

You can now give out your unique store URL. 

An option to giving out the long URL is to create a domain name re-direct? You can purchase a domain name, such as After purchasing your own domain, you create a re-direct to your Orderspoon store. With a re-direct you give your customers and when they go to this URL, they are redirected to

Stores can also create a link to their Orderspoon site, from their existing website.

For a good example, click here