Average prep times are a nice method to advise your customers when they can expect to have their Order ready. 

But your average prep times vary throughout the course of the day. Your regular prep time could be 20 minutes, but during your lunch rush of 11 am until 2 pm, your prep times averages 35 minutes. 

The Online Order app has the ability to add Custom Prep Times, to more accurately advise your customers when they can expect to haver their Order ready. 

To set-up a Custom Pickup Prep Time:

  • From your Clover Web dashboard, open your Online Order app

  • Click on "Pickup"

  • Click on "Custom prep time"

  • A popup box will appear that contains the Settings for your Custom Avg Preparation Time
  • Enter the
    • Day
    • Start time
    • End Time
    • Avg. Preparation Time
  • Click on "Add"
  • Repeat the step for the subsequent Days or Custom Prep Times
  • You can have multiple Custom Prep Times in 1 day

You can repeat the same process for your Delivery Order types as well.