Yes, our app handles credit card in a PCI compliant way!

Just like you, we take the security of your customer's credit card data seriously.  That's why we've invested in ensuring that the way Online Order handles credit card information is PCI compliant.  This means that when customer credit card data is sent for processing and stored, it follows the industry requirements for security protection.  This is typically required by your bank when you sign-up for a merchant account.

How Do We Do This?

To best protect credit card data, the Online Order sends customer credit card payment directly to Clover with two forms of encryption from the customer's browser or app.    

How It's Sent 

We use SSL and RSA encryption to secure the customer credit card number.  Card transactions are verified with CVV and ZIP code validation so that the best available online credit card verification is utilized.

How It's Saved

Online Order uses the Clover Pay API to send credit card information to Clover directly from the customer's browser through our PCI compliant credit card processing secure vault to the Clover API.  If your customer opts to save their credit card information for easy re-ordering, the card information is saved in a PCI compliant vault.

For More Information

To review our PCI certification documents, please make a request at   As this information contains confidential information that helps us stay secure, we do not post it publically but we are happy to share this confidentially with our merchant customers.