Some time and preparation is required in choosing how to setup your Catering menu.  A very important note here is that a Clover Inventory Category cannot be available in your regular online menu and your catering online menu. It was designed this way so you can separate your menus and create separate Orderspoon sites.  

It is possible to have Items available on both menus. For example, a Double Cheeseburger can be attached to a "Burgers" Category, then we can create a separate "Burgers/Catering" Category.  This "Burgers/Catering" will be the Category displayed on the Catering site. 

For instructions on how to create Categories check out this Solution. 

To set your Catering Categories Login to your Clover web dashboard

  • Open the Online Order app
  • Click on the Catering tab
  • Make sure the "Enabled" button is enabled, if not, check this Solution "Enabling The Catering Feature"
  • Locate your Catering Categories and click on the green toggle button.  This will enable that Category on your Catering menu