The Kitchen Display app is routinely updated with new features or to resolve bugs.

To check what is the current version, visit our Kitchen Display app at the Google Play store 

Once at this page, scroll down to the Additional Information are at the bottom of the page. There you will see the Current Version. 

Once you have the Current Version information, we need to check it with the version on your Android device. 

We can do this through the Android Settings app. Most Android devices will have the following icon for the Settings App:

After accessing the Settings, we want to make sure your Android device will be compatible with the current versions. If you Android device is not 4.1 or higher, then you will need to purchase a newer Android in the near future. Android devices older then 4.1, are no longer supported. 

In the Android Settings, there is usually an About Tablet, or About Device area. This is where you check the Android versions. 

If your Android is 4.1 or higher, we then check the Kitchen Display version that is on your Android device. 

Still in the Android Settings, is an Apps area. Access the Apps area and locate the Kitchen Display app. Here you will find the Kitchen Display version listed right under the Kitchen Display for Clover title. If you version is older then then current version at the Google Play Store, we need to upgrade it. 

Before uninstalling Kitchen Display, ensure that you have your email/pwd combination that you use to login to your acct. This email/pwd combination is what is used to connect Kitchen Display to your Clover acct. 

If you are ready to upgrade, then from the same Apps area, under the Kitchen Display for Clover, you will see an "Uninstall" button. Pressing that button will uninstall Kitchen Display. Once uninstalled, you access Kitchen Display app at the Google Play store

For detailed installation steps please go to this Solutions article:

Thank you for taking the time to ensure your Kitchen Display is current and functioning at the highest level.