Setting Up Printers With Labels


In order to "Fire" or print order receipts to a designated Kitchen Printer, you need to do the following:

To set a label to a printer, you can also reference the following illustrations.

  1. Access your Clover dashboard.

  2. Tap Printers app

  3. Tap Search for Available Printers

  4. Tap Add Order Printer next to the printer you want order receipts to go to.  It can be your Clover Receipt Printer as well.  



5. Tap Edit next to the printer you'd like to assign a label to.

6. Tap on the Label that you want to use for fire or auto-printing.  You may need to select multiple labels if you have just 1 printers.


7. Run a test order from the Register app and make sure to tap Print Order Receipt to test the fire/auto-print capability.  The Online Order order receipts will print in the same manner.