Get Your Online Store Launched In About An Hour

1. Customizing Your Store

Your Menu

While the Online Order fully integrates your Clover Inventory automatically so that you don't need to enter any of it, most merchants will require some adjustments such as:

  • Hiding items that are not sold online like employee specials or alcohol in some cases.

  • Promoting your best items so that they are easy to find.

  • Adding item descriptions to sell the items to your customers.

  • Renaming your modifiers so your customers more easily understand them.

Your Brand

The Online Order app allows you to add your logo, background image, header image and a head background image.  If you don't have the necessary graphics tools to get web-ready images, we can assist with this.

Integrating Your Online Order App

We have a number of ways to integrate the Online Order app with your domain name, your website and your Facebook page.  We'll assess your situation and recommend the best solution.  Then we'll work with you to get it done.

2. Testing and Training Your Staff

Once your store is customized and ready for customers, we need to prepare your staff as well.  So here are our best practices.

  • Assess your store operations to understand the best ways for your staff to get alerted about new orders.

  • Help you set-up the appropriate alerts that are part of Online Order.

  • Guide you through completing test orders from the online site to your store.

  • Help you test the site with your staff as needed.

In our most successful implementations, this testing and training has been a crucial part of success in executing on online orders.

3. Signing Up

This is all included with your monthly subscription at no additional charge. We want to ensure that your Online Order is setup properly  to greatly raise the likelihood of your success. We have found that taking the opportunity to thoroughly setup your Online Order is a wise investment of your time. Please contact us by sending an email to