To help your customers reach you're store more easily, we recommend using a domain name for your store if you don't already have a website.

Purchasing a domain name and setting a re-direct is typically a simple process that can take 15-30 minutes.  The hardest part will be selecting a domain name your happy with!

You can use any of the following providers to purchase a domain name.

After purchasing the domain, you will need your Online Order site URL.  It will look something like<store site name> where "<store site name>" is something that you define in the "Store Settings"

The next step is setting up a "CNAME" record.  To do this, you can follow the steps identified by this Google FAQ.

After waiting for the changes to take effect (up to 24 hrs), you should be able to visit your Online Order site by typing in your domain name.  An example of this is Bollywood Indian Cuisine store (