Changing Your Store Interface Settings

You may want to add your store logo or change the background to better match your store's branding and website.  You can change the following in the Online Order merchant dashboard. 

  • Navigation Logo URL:

    •  This is the URL that the Nav Logo will be directed to. 

  • Nav Logo:

    • Upload an image that then when activated will take your customers to a website. 

  • Nav Background:

    • Upload an image to change the Nav bar background. 

  • Header Background:

    • Upload an image to change the header background

  • Header Logo:

    • Upload your store logo that is displayed in the header area. 

You can access these features to make changes and preview how those changes will appear at your Orderspoon site. 

  • Access your Clover Dashboard

  • Open your Online Order app

  • Click on ¨Interface Settings¨ then click on ¨User Interface¨

  • The image below displays the Interface Settings.

  • To Upload an image click on the appropriate ¨Choose File¨ button,  locate the file on your computer and click on ¨Save¨