When a customer processes an order through the Online Order app, the customer´s name and phone number is saved in Clover´s Customers app. The name and phone # can be of use in your marketing campaigns. When a customer creates an Orderspoon profile, they have the option of entering in their email address, that is also stored in the Customers app. 

Below are a few more resources that can assist you in reaching out to your customers. 

Exporting Customers from Clover: https://help.clover.com/instruction/export-customer-data/?userDevice=web

Sending Email Campaigns: https://connect.mailchimp.com/integrations/clover (Since email is optional, not many customers will have this filled in from Online Ordering)

Sending Marketing Txt Msgs: https://www.eztexting.com (you should have opt-in before sending these.  We have not used this before but providing this for convenience)