There are two different ways to setup Delivery Areas and Fees. 

1. Delivery Radius. - The delivery mileage will be a circular radius with the Store as the starting point.

Feature: Ability to specify many radius' multiple (tiered) delivery fees and distances.


1. Click ADD

2. In the first box type the dollar amount.

3. In the second box type the maximum distance.

4. To add additional delivery fees and distances repeat these steps.

5. Click SAVE.

2. Delivery Zones- User must draw the delivery area and specify the Delivery Fee.

Advantage: Ability to exclude certain areas from delivery. (i.e. - unsafe neighborhoods and areas difficult to reach such as mountains or islands.)



1. Click ADD ZONE.

2. Zones must drawn point by point, to complete the delivery zone the last point must connect to the starting point.
Example: A --> B --> C --> D -->A

3. To add another delivery zone repeat the steps and click save to finish.